Business Futurist is an upcoming and necessary new profession.

In the past few years it has become clear to all that we can no longer afford to forego preparing for the future. The preoccupation with the future is not a privilege owned by certain types of companies anymore. It is becoming a real necessity.
The reality which is quick to change affects us all. We understand that the future is no simple matter to deal with, and for that reason we decided to make ourselves available to you, to lead you through the path, and assist you in preparing for that future, in time for its arrival.

The Future is our starting point.

Naturally, we have been living in the "future" for many years. We look at it, examine it, analyze it, and imagine future businesses operating within it successfully.
On the other hand we understand businesses, and are familiar with the current daily coping, and are aware of the necessity to focus on doing for the purpose of achieving short term goals.
Our advantage lies within the connection between the two, and our ability to connect the future with the business of today.

How to create a futuristic strategy?
  • 1. Using a different point of view:

    Looking forward into the future is by no means trivial, therefore, our starting point is different. We understand that the world is 'disruptive' which gives us no alternative, but to look at it in a different way.

  • 2. New set of tools:

    The tools we use to look beyond are no ordinary tools. We make use of new types of methodologies and tools which enable us to examine the connection between many influences and phenomena which will affect your business in the coming years.

  • 3. Unique analysis:

    The combination of a unique point of view which makes use of specialized methodology, enables us to offer a special futuristic picture adapted entirely to your business, through which you will be able to develop a competitive advantage in the face of existing or future competitors.

  • 4. We are with you all the way:

    we think about tomorrow and understand the significance of preparing for the future. We therefore, accompany you up to the destination point you have decided upon, and until the future becomes a natural environment for your business.

"Fast Forward" is a team of consultants working hand in hand with current trends forecaster expert – Adi Yoffe, one of the field's pioneers in Israel, who coined the terms – "Minimal Consumerism", "The Nomad Consumer" and "Consumer Hive" within our predictions. These terms, which illustrate the companies' acquired need to adapt to the future, are a part of our conception – to be original in every stage of our operations.